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News Flash – Mill for Sale  – 27 October 2021

Please email me for Equipment Details.

Hi, my name is Anne Marie Harwood and I run a very busy Fibre Processing Mill in Mt Barker, South Australia.

My husband, Trevor & I bought our first wethers in 1994 and bred up to over 60 alpacas – most of which are blue-black. These days, most of our alpacas are in retirement as I concentrate on the fibre processing side of my business.

In 2005 we set up S.A.’s only complete “Mini Mill” fibre processing plant.

We have added to our plant over the years and now run two lines.

 Our mill is now the second largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The mill equipment is imported from Canada and is specifically designed for small quantity Exotic Fibre Processing.

We offer various fibre processing options to our local SA & interstate alpaca breeders.

Our turnaround time is usually about 10-12 weeks and we only process alpaca fibre – Huacaya & Suri.

You can have your raw fleeces processed into Rovings, Yarn, Felting Batts or into Sheets of Felt.

For more information – go to our page  The Mill

See the new pages featuring  Services offered, Gallery Page with my weaving looms and some of our woven products.

email: anne@echobeachalpacas.com.au


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