The Farm

Echo Beach Alpacas
View from Mt Barker Summit
Echo Beach Alpacas
They have about 10 acres which goes
down the hill to the creek and more shade trees.
Exercise is very important to maintaining healthy alpacas
Echo Beach Alpacas
The Summit of Mt Barker is just behind our
eastern boundary and is quite often shrouded in mist in the mornings
The house
Front view of our house, high on the slopes
of Mt Barker SA

 Echo Beach Alpacas
Aerial view of our farm & surrounds
 Echo Beach Alpacas
“The Girls Paddock” is right up next to the
back lawn from where we can keep an eye
on all of them.
 Echo Beach Alpacas
The alpacas have access to plenty of shade
from the many gum trees on the property

“The Boy’s Paddock” is at the front of the
property along with a “Hospital Pen”
next to the shed with easy access from the house
and driveway.

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