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Anne Marie’s Weaving Gallery – The Looms

My weaving studio now consists of 5 looms

The latest loom is a brand new 8 shaft jack loom from Ashford in NZ.

I shall be putting some photos up soon with projects in the go…

My original 6 shaft loom which was made in NZ. This loom, I use mainly for trials pieces and light weight fabrics and articles.

My main attention these days is on weaving rugs but I also experiment with tapestry.

The weaving below is with 2 ply yarn from my alpacas & spun up on the mini mill equipment.

It is a shawl in brown & white checks.

The second loom is one which I purchased some years ago in Sydney which is a counterbalance 8 shaft.

This one presented some problems initially with setting it up as it had not been used for some time but now is a very pleasurable loom to weave with.

The following loom has now been sold

The Eric Noble Rug Loom, which I purchased from Bella Head in Adelaide,  is a very sturdy 4 shaft rug loom with a weaving width of more than 70 inches.

The article pictured is my first trial piece of both warp and weft being home spun alpaca in various colours.

For sampling, I use a little 8 shaft Ashford loom which is also good for scarves and small pieces.

My latest and probably the most impressive loom is the AVL Industrial Dobby Loom

Stay tuned for photos of the fabric which is currently being woven.

Hand Woven Rug Gallery

Hand Spinning Gallery

The new “Country Spinner” from Ashford. Great for spinning carded alpaca into singles or ply for rug weaving.

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